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    What is it?

    Harper Adams University’s School of Sustainable Food and Farming (SSFF) are inviting applications to a major new multi-year programme which will help up-and-coming British farmers develop their skills in sustainable agriculture.

    With recent surveys suggesting younger farmers have identified skills gaps in areas including sustainability and the environment, the Future Farmer Programme (proudly sponsored by Tesco) will provide 75 young farmers with face-to-face and live online training on how to implement sustainable agriculture practices and protect biodiversity.

    Who is it for?

    • The nine-month course will include face-to-face and live online tutorials.
    • Farmers under the age of 40, and in any agricultural sector can apply.

    How do I get involved?

    The nine-month course, which will run each year for the next three years, will also include events and mentoring sessions on business operations and personal development.

    Please register your interest in the 2024/25 programme.

    Register your interest

    “British agriculture plays a crucial role in protecting and enhancing our natural environment and will be right at the heart of the UK’s efforts to achieve its net zero ambitions. It’s also had to overcome some incredibly tough challenges over the past two years, which is why we’re committed to supporting it, both now and in the future.

    “With this in mind, I’m delighted to be launching this new programme with Harper Adams University, which will see some of the brightest young talents in the industry benefit from training and support in implementing sustainable agriculture techniques, helping to safeguard the industry, and our natural environment, for future generations.”

    Ashwin Prasad, Tesco’s Chief Product Officer


    Training costs are fully funded, delegates need to be prepared to cover the costs of traveling to and from events.

    Training will be made up of:

    • Online Lectures
    • 2 x 2-day networking events
    • 2 x industrial supply chain visits

    “We are entering a hugely exciting but challenging next chapter for UK Agriculture. The transition to more sustainable food production systems is a significant change for many farmers, and so understanding these issues, identifying the opportunities they present, and being prepared to make change is the key focus of the course.

    “The course is split into three focus areas, Understanding Sustainability - which will explore the key drivers and opportunities for the industry; Agile Mindsets - which will help participants identify their own strengths, capabilities and weaknesses; and Agile Business, will help them structure and adapt their business, existing or new, and to identify new opportunities and methods for a sustainable future.”

    Simon Thelwell, Director of the School of Sustainable Food and Farming at Harper Adams University

    Sustainable Futures

    What is sustainability?

    • Definitions and drivers
    • Sustainable development
    • Sustainable agriculture

    Measuring Sustainability

    • How to measure-tools and calculators
    • Indicators and Goal Setting
    • Action planning

    Sustainable Agriculture Case Studies

    • Cases from across the globe
    • Cases from the UK
    • Success factors and pitfalls

    Identifying sustainability strengths and weaknesses in your business.

    Agile Minds

    Knowing yourself

    • Personality
    • Motivation and drive
    • Time and teams

    Building yourself

    • Building resilience
    • Building networks
    • Action planning and goal setting

    Developing Yourself

    • As a leader of people
    • As a leader in business
    • As a leader of change

    Advancing your personal strengths and weaknesses in your business.

    Agile Business

    Knowing your business

    • Business performance
    • Markets and customers
    • Transition readiness

    Planning for Change

    • Planning for change
    • The Impact of change
    • Viability and feasibility

    Measuring success

    • At utilising data and systems
    • At sourcing sustainable
    • finance
    • As a future Net Zero
    • Agribusiness

    Developing  your roadmap for success in your future sustainable business.

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